Banking Error 9999 in QuickBooks
Banking Error 9999 in QuickBooks

The QuickBooks accounting software is available in both desktop and online version with desktop version having certain online features as well like services connected to the bank account. At times while working with the same services, user may encounter certain banking errors of which one of the common one is QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999 that occurs when the user is browsing or interacting with their bank account online. The common symptoms of the error are:

●       System starts hanging up.
●       System speed and performance goes down
●       System hosting QuickBooks might shut down.

QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999 is followed by specific error message as stated below:

“Sorry, we can’t update your account. Please try updating again later.(9999)”

The best part about this is that Intuit gives the option of reporting the error so that concerned technical QuickBooks expert can get back to the user as soon as possible. In order to report the error, follow the steps listed below:

●     On the pop-up error message window select Report Issue tab displayed on the screen labeled Banking Transaction.

●    Next provide personal registered details provided at the time of registration with the software – Registered Name and Email Address followed by clicking on Submit tab.

●    The customer support team generally is very prompt in providing feasible solution – maximum within 10 days.

User has the option of resolving the QuickBooks Banking Error Code 9999 by themselves. Just follow the steps provided below:

1.  First of all, click on updates – User is required to run this process at least three times and check the results regularly. At times this step itself resolves the issue. However, if the problem still persists then move to next step.

2.  Clear your system cache – For this process user should completely clean the cache of their system. Verify the results once completed. If error occurs again proceed to 3rd step.

3.  Disconnect and reconnect the Feed – Mostly disconnecting and then reconnecting with the Bank or Feed might resolve the issue. Ensure that the For Review section is empty and clear. No transaction should be shown or listed under this before the disconnection process is even started. For this purpose locate and click on Bank & Credit Card option that might be checked as connected by default, followed by moving to Edit Account Info tab, tick the box against Disconnect this Account & Save and lastly click on Save & Close tab.

[Note: User needs to verify all the data and transactions related to that account and ensure that they are downloaded first before proceeding with the disconnection process. In order to connect with the bank again, navigate to home window wherein locate and click on ‘Connect the Account’ tab followed by logging on to the bank site with proper login credentials.]

a. At times user is required to login to their bank account from different / new / fresh tab or new window altogether. This might resolve the issue without much fuss. This is due to the fact that the bank might have updated their security setup. Another reason is that the user might be required to update the security part of their hosted system or maybe required to connect with the bank again.

If the above steps does not help to resolve the QuickBooks banking error code 9999, then try to connect with proficient QuickBooks support team setup by Intuit in order to garner feasible aid for the error. The support team constitute of experienced QuickBooks technicians that are knowledgeable regarding all the aspects of QuickBooks. However, if the user is locked out to connect with the team due to long queue then they can try alternative QuickBooks support agencies. Ons such agency is called QuickBooks.Support that can be contacted on their Toll Free Number : 1-844-640-1482 or user can visit their website for online chat support options –