QuickBooks Error Support 6000, -301 – Error Encountered While Accessing Company File of QuickBooks

Presence of Encryption software on the computer system having QuickBooks data stored in
Issue is caused due to .TLG file
Company file is damaged

QuickBooks software, designed by Intuit, is structures in a way that both professionals like experienced accountants and bookkeepers, as well as novice employees like fresher in the field of finance and accounts are comfortable using the software. This software accords users with tools and features powerful enough to keep track of all the transactions and activities happening within the finance area of the business while being user friendly with easy to follow navigation and self explanatory tabs labeled as per their function.

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The software smoothly completes all the required tasks of the accounting and finance of the business; however, it does at times make tasks challenging to complete for the users as they start encountering errors. These errors could be result of circumstances such as:

•   Damaged installation file.
•   Encryption software or Antivirus software restricting function of the QuickBooks software.
•   Upgrade or update issue of QuickBooks software.
•   Corrupted download file.

One of the most common error that most user face due to damaged installation file or Encryption software is QuickBooks Error 6000, -301 which is generally followed with error message stating –

“An Error Occurred when QuickBooks tried to Access the Company File”

The issue with this error is that it could be caused due to multiple reasons which would require different solutions. Not all the users may be aware of the solution for which we have illustrated different solution for different causes. If the issue still persists even after trying all the possible solutions it is recommended that the user gets in touch with QuickBooks customer care team through QuickBooks error support number.

Causes and Solution for Resolving QuickBooks Error 6000, -301

Cause: Presence of Encryption software on the computer system having QuickBooks data stored in.

Solution: The best possible solution is to disable the Encryption software immediately. For this the user needs to connect with the vendor of the Encryption software and garner detailed instruction on – how to manually disable the Encryption software?
If, however, the Encryption software is not present in the system user needs to move on to next cause and solution.

How to Fix Error Support 6000, -301

Cause: Issue is caused due to .TLG file

Solution: To resolve the error, all the user has to do, is rename the Transaction Log file which is denoted as an extension – .TLG file. The users who have employed Enterprise Solution edition of QB need to perform another sync function in order to view reports in case they are using feature called Business Analysis. To resolve the error follow the given instructions:

•    First go to Start option and then click on Explore option.
•    Next locate the folder that consists of the software’s Company File.
•    Now look for transaction log file which will be named same as the company file but with .TLG extension.
•    Now highlight the file and right click mouse on it and then select the name option in order to rename the file.
•    Here the user can rename the file in such a way that they remember it like renaming the file as companyfilenameOLD.TLG.
•    Now again try to open the company file. If it does open, make sure a backup file is created.
•    However, if the error 6000, -301 still persists then it is recommended to try the next cause and solution.

Cause: Company file is damaged.

Solution: In case the above two solutions do not work, then it is quite possible that the company file has become damaged. To resolve this cause follow the illustrated instructions:

•    Try to restore the most recent backup stored for the QuickBooks company file.
•    In case the backup file is not available, then it is best to contact the technical support experts of QuickBooks immediately.

For in depth analysis of the QuickBooks Error 6000, -301 the users can get in touch with our highly experienced technicians at QuickBooks Customer Support Number for QuickBooks error support.

Call 1-844-640-1482 For QuickBooks Error 6000, 301 Support
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