Intuit support is provided round the clock by certified ProAdvisors. We are a third party service provider not associated with Intuit, but we provide solutions for all products provided by Intuit. You can reach out to us via call, email and chat. If you cannot connect to Intuit for getting errors resolved, then reach out to us.

Intuit is in a class of its own when it comes to designing business solution software. With products like QuickBooks, ProSeries, TurboTax and so on, Intuit has become king of the hill in the finance and accounting industry. Simplifying accounting tasks with QuickBooks was one of the most important achievements of Intuit. Though years of improvements, introduced through updates and upgrades, Intuit has created an accounting software for non accountants.

Products provided by Intuit include, but aren’t limited to:


QuickBooks is by far the most popular Intuit products. They have aggressively marketed it to SMBs, who seem quite happy with this software. To up the ante, regular updates for this software is released. The recent version of QuickBooks includes multi monitor support. Further, in the past, bulk add and remove transactions was introduced. Security has been recently improved by upgrading SSL certificates with SHA2 hash algorithm. Multiple plans and versions for this software include
● QuickBooks Pro
● QuickBooks Premier
QuickBooks Enterprise
● QuickBooks Accountant Plus

Also, task specific versions are available as well including:

QuickBooks Payroll
● QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale)


TurboTax guarantees maximum refund on its website. With accurate calculations and complete check of return, it becomes the best product available on market. You can easily handle tax returns for yourself and your clients by getting this software. Further, it can also be used for managing tax returns for an entire corporation.


Yet another software with which you can manage your taxes. ProSeries brings entirely different solutions to taxpayers and organizations. With its easy to use interface and classic tax tools, you’ll be able to file your taxes on time, every time. Also, you can analyze tax data and create reports for valuable insights.

Intuit Support benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

● Assistance for all errors and issues arising in Intuit provided products
● Technical Assistance for other related problems
Data Recovery
● Round the clock assistance

Common errors for which you can get Intuit support include, but aren’t limited to:

● Database connectivity problems
● Damaged company file
● Network connection issues
● Issues with operating system
● QuickBooks Error 6000-

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