QuickBooks POS Support

With the growing technology, many of the businesses problems can be resolved through a software solution. There are many companies who just cannot function without a Point of Sale (POS) system and has been a God’s send gift for them. One company that has provided a complete POS solution by the name of QuickBooks POS software is Intuit.

It comes highly recommended by accounting and bookkeeping professionals all over the world due to its reliability and responsive nature. It smoothly integrates with QuickBooks accounting software that enables complete collaboration between both.

QuickBooks POS support basically comprises of extensive bundle for both hardware and software. The hardware portion comprises of POS stand, secure cash drawer, iPad for interface support, payment device and barcode scanner. We are proud to announce that we have been applauded with the label of Premier reseller that allows us to sell the POS hardware and software after purchasing it initially.

The main motto of our company, however, is to accord our customers with top notch support for the new POS system that they have bought. The hardware and software quality is on same length across all the resellers of QuickBooks POS software which would be even more beneficial with professional and experienced support.

Setup the System without much Hassle
Prior to buying the system, user should get in touch with our support team through Toll free number and decide on what requirements needs to be met and which system is best fit for it with our specialized ProAdvisors. Needs and requirements of a company differ from the others and as such might not require all the tools accorded within a bundle. Suppose the business plans to employ POS software for their coffee shop, they do not require barcode scanner.

We help you to set up your system and also provide smooth integration of QuickBooks POS service with the QuickBooks software. It is recommended that the software be hosted online or on a cloud server as that will provide much more benefits, however, the choice remains with the user.

Top Quality Accounting Support
We house Certified ProAdvisors who are adept in handling 99.9% of accounting, bookkeeping, tax and payroll tasks. They can easily draft tax reports and invoices in accordance with the details true to the company. Experience in all sorts of accounting capabilities ensure they can also outperform payroll process with least number of errors while providing all the needed solutions to all POS and accounting queries.

Take for example a simple invoice report which needs to be customized. If the employee has prior experience of doing it, he will not have any problem; however the other scenario will lead him to waste time by browsing over net to do the same. In this case, user can contact our ProAdvisors who will immediately guide the employee and also provide some tips for future. So the question now comes is that whether the company can afford to give time for learning manually or would like to opt for instant support from experienced professional?

It is but obvious, that authentic and quality support will be charged, but an effort to avoid this small cost can result in huge loss of the business if the user keeps on employing the faulty software. Inaccurate tax results and late payments cause heavy fine and penalties that can not only affect the budget but also reputation of the business.

Connect with us to garner swift services and knowledge regarding the POS functionality and queries. Inform our customer support team about your issue in detail and we promise prompt resolution of your problems in first go. Just call on QuickBooks Customer support number and relay the issue in full disclosure to the support representative.

Major Features of POS Software

  • Access on the Go: View reports and files online as it has moved to cloud it is secure and can be approached anytime anywhere.
  • Always on Mode: When the Internet unexpectedly slows down or there is a power outage the ‘Always On Mode’ helps to carry out with receiving credit card payments.
  • Smooth Sync with QuickBooks: Integrates with the QuickBooks online software and the sales information easily gets synced.

Benefits of Point of Sale System

  • Ensures loyalty programs and gift cards
  • Excellent podium for E-commerce
  • Employee commissions
  • Produce purchase orders and verifies inventory with access on the go
  • Easy and quick locating of items via Matrix inventory
  • Receiptless returns
  • Smooth social media integration
  • Integration of customer display screens
  • Designs new inventory items with the help of wired/wireless barcode scanners
  • Serialization of the device

Variety of POS Software for Specific Business with Features

  • Bar POS: payroll management, Wi-Fi management, quick processing of transactions, payment encryption, split tabs etc.
  • Coffee shop POS: Mobile/Online ordering, dynamic digital signage, inventory management, communication with latest scanners and printers etc.
  • Liquor Store POS: Till management, cloud reporting management, reading universal barcode, cloud reporting, several hardware integrations etc.
  • POS for Pizza shop: ingredient level inventory, caller ID integration, employee scheduling and tracking, mileage expense management for drivers etc.
  • Drive-Thru POS: video chat via ipad where customers and employees can communicate face to face, always on mode allows credit card payment processing during internet slow down etc.
  • Retail Store POS: employee commissions, scheduling employees, barcode scanners, customer display screens, receiptless returns etc.
  • Salon POS: Scheduling appointments, auto remainders for schedules, simple check out process, time blocking, online scheduling appointments etc.
  • POS for Food Truck: central menu control, SMI, adjustments of tax on the go, mobile ordering, inventory management, digital displays etc.
  • Winery POS: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Ingredient inventory management, loyalty programs to customers, real-time reporting etc.
  • POS for Grocery Store: Dynamic business intelligence, optional price checker, quick transaction processing, CRV’s attachment to SKUs etc.
  • POS for Restaurant Quick Service:  Order status tracking, excellent inventory management, matrix inventory, e-commerce podium etc.
  • Movie Theatre POS: Integration of gift cards/coupons, track number of ticket sold, movie theatre kiosks etc.

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