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Intuit has introduced Quickbooks Point of Sale software as a third party application which in tandem with Quickbooks Accounting software can sort many retail needs of the business without much hassle. Point of Sale software is perfect for businesses dealing in retail industry as it helps to manage purchase and sales orders, track inventory and keep the stock available by ensuring proper amount of raw material and stock is available at all time. The software, despite being quite sophisticated, is as prone to error as any other software. One sure shot way of resolving many of Point of Sale errors apart from getting in touch with POS experts through Quickbooks POS Service Number is by updating the software.

Once the software gets updated, most of the errors faced with Quickbooks Point of sale can be solved as the updates cater with security patches, fixes and enhancement. User is recommended by Quickbooks experts tackling Quickbooks POS Support Number to update as it can resolve many of the following errors:

  • Failure to install updates after employing R9 update patch in POS 2013.
    Connecting issues with POS 2013 after updating Release11.
  • Socket Error 10049
  • Customer ID entered is being used by another user.

Quickbooks POS Update to Resolve Error

Steps to update Point of Sale

In order to update the Point of Sale software, user can follow any of the two ways listed below which has been authenticated by experts handling Quickbooks POS service number. However, user should keep in mind that update should not be cancelled under any circumstances till it is completed as it can lead to unwanted errors and consequences.

Manually Updating from Intuit’s Support Site

  • Locate and visit the support site of Inuit.
  • Ensure that the product chosen to update under the section Download and updates is same as the one user has. Otherwise click on change and locate the correct software.
  • In the next section choose the current software Product, Version and Edition.
  • Click on the tab labeled Update (which should provide information for latest product release available)
  • Once the update patch is completely downloaded, go on to install it with Point of Sale software. In case you get stuck you can immediately contact Quickbooks POS support number.
  • Once the prompt is shown on the screen, follow the instructions and then open the software.

Automatic Update for Point of Sale

1.  Open the Point of Sale software and locate Help section.
2.  Under this click on Software Update followed by Check for Updates option.
3.  This will authorize the software to look for latest update release, which if is available; user will be prompted to click on Update Now.

There are many Quickbooks POS software errors that can be easily resolved by keeping the software upgraded and updated to latest release and version as there are many changes that come with updates including security patches. If the user still faces issues, they can connect with Quickbooks POS Support Number to garner expert technical support. Alternatively they can also try third party support agencies like Quickbooks Support Telephone Number with website – Quickbooks.support-telephonenumber.com through which live chat can be garnered or call on toll free number +1-844-640-1482 to directly connect with Quickbooks experts.

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